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  Point of Sale System
  Point of Sale System

The PRI-POS System comes with a total solution software for

Billing Inventory
Purchase Credit Card
Vendor Salesman
Product analysis
The Overview
Point-of-Sales, Retail Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Customer Tracking
Consolidated Report of All Branch Office Sales
User friendly with on-screen help
Menu-level security
Support of optional cash drawers, scanners, receipt and invoice printers
Global inventory update with automatic posting to general ledger accounts
All reports may be printed to the printer, screen or file

Point of Sales

The basic principle of this system is to give quick service to the customers and maintain a 100% perfect Inventory Control System. PRI-POS consisting of 84 Programmable Keys, Credit Card Swiper plus a CCD Scanner (Optional Laser - Flatbed Scanner for High volume transactions) comes with a full-fledged software. The 84 Programmable Keys could be used where barcode stickers cannot be affixed.

The Hand Held CCD Scanner is used to scan the item at the time of billing. After all the items are scanned, before printing the bill, if it is a credit card purchase, you may just swipe the credit card in the slot provided. Automatically it scans the Credit Card details and checks its validity, etc., and prints the Charge slip. This avoids manual preparation of the Charge slip. At the end of the day, all Credit Sales statement are prepared for bank purpose.

The software also gives detailed report of the individual cash drawers, with excess/shortage of cash balances. The daily reports includes Product-wise/ Counter-wise/ Group-wise/ Department-wise/ Salesman-wise for the day / week / month.

The Highlights
Super fast inventory retrieval. (By: item number, description, key words or barcode.)
Reprint or void past tickets
Automatic or optional add-on sales
Add-on sale recommendations. (batteries, paper, ribbon, etc.)
Offers out-of-stock item substitution suggestion.
Computes and tracks employee commissions using percent of sale or margin
Past sales information is available to the report writer
Tax matrix
PRICAT * integrated support

Customer Tracking