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Energy Saving Device
Pricars Infra
Battery operated Real Time Clock in  24Hrs Format
LCD Display for Real Time Clock
User Friendly Programming with 4 key
          1. Daily Mode
          2. Day Mode
          3. Cyclic Mode
Ordering Information
Model Desctiption Source Voltage Output
TMR   Daily Time Switch 240 V AC Relay
TMR - 10   Daily TimeSwitch     (10 Channels) 240 V AC Relay
Rated Supply Voltage 240 V AC
Operation Voltage Range -20% to 10% of the read Voltage
Rated Frequency 50 Hz + -5%
Power Consuption From mains: AC Approx 15 VA(2.5W)
Control Output 1 c/o rated for 10 A,@250 V AC/28 V DC Resistive Load
Application Areas
Street Lighting
Pump Control
Air - Conditioners / Room Heaters
Industrial Furnaces
Cold Storage
Fountains / Sprinklers
Mills / Moulding Machines
Siren (Schools / Factories)
Neon Light
This is a real Time Clock Based Switch., any Electrical Equipment could be controlled with this by programming the ON/OFF time

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