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  computerised attendance software
Precitron has specially developed software for PRICARS (Computersied Attendance Recording System) which is user friendly and has incomparable software features in different platforms.
Memory resident programs to transfer the data automatically to the host computer under DOS / WINDOWS.
Daily reports like Presentees list, Absentees list, Latecomers list, Tour/Leave/On-Duty or Personal Permissions list and a Daily Performance report which declares the consolidated statement about the percentage of Presentee, absentee in each and every department.
Provision to maintain multiple companies under the same badge reader.
Individual employees leave maintenance and the subsequent preparation of the Statutory Report of FORM 15 Leave Register.
Also includes various Statutory Reports like FORM 12 & 25 Muster Roll, FORM 25B Time Card.
Automatic Shift Roaster for the Month enables to maintain a maximum of 98 types of shifts in a single organisation.
Session wise Cumulative Latecomers list which enables to consider the hours to loss of pay.
Over Time Calculation and PAYROLL interface to any payroll platform.
A versatile Payroll Software to suit all type of Industries with user definable earning and deductions and automatic control over number of installments, short deductions and user definable deduction priority.
Periodical statements like FORM7, FORM6 ESI reports and FORM 6A, FORM 3A PF reports and Gratuity Bonus reports for the complete maintenance of the entire payroll system for any type of large organisations

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